Gypsy Guild, a lifestyle Company of Synthanthropy

I am so thrilled to announce that I am launching my own sythanthropic line of found and foraged objects called Gypsy Guild. The first thing you might wonder is what is sythanthropy?

Pronounced sin-than-throw-pee

Sythanthropy- when sum of all energies between man and nature are balanced through thoughtful reactions, happy accidents, and planned experiences. It is the feeling of when life’s force seem to work for the common good through intellectual reasoning and spiritual manifestations of beauty as the experience of Ying and Yang as “One” balanced thing. The feeling of sythanthropy is when you are so in tune with life that you realize the universe that evolves around you is one that you have created with everyone. It can be felt physically, intellectually, and spiritually making it an eternal emotion. I had the most synthanthropic day! It fell apart in perfect sythanthropy.

My goal is to help people achieve their own level of synthanthropy through the use and appreciation of objects that remind and maintain a level of balance between creation and destruction. I believe the feeling of sythanthropy is one of the keys to unlocking and healing from emotional blocks and disease as it allows for the recognition that humanity is also an evolving animal.

Help me to make synthanthropy a part of your everyday life by following me here and finding me at ebay (coming soon…).

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Bath Secret

Photo: branding photo by Teresa FlowersShe walked to the water’s edge; steam gently floated across it’s surface holding heat in the air as it blew gently toward her direction, an altar placed under her feet, the fire of hand-spun wool dyed to match the sun’s fury heated her soul through her eyes as she prepared to sweat the past from her flesh and to leave new and invigorated by the molten pressure churning inside the earth’s waters.  The turtles back and sponges locked in ocean’s salt and water breezes, …furs from the mountains smudged sage brush oils; scent to fight danger and warn off evil.   

           … steal not my gifts cruel world, hell has no place in me

                          …though it rains and sorrow shames my light and life will be

           …as it were and nothing more always a mystery

Down to base layers and into black waters she bathes the past away.  Cares melt like candles in the dry high desert air where she takes refuge to be naked and safe; recovery from miles behind and the uncertainty left uncharted in the wilderness ahead. 

The grit of a world gone mad with insanity; time’s overlapping memory …she remembers her lives behind and lovers shattered by war and power, and power of poverty.  Jewels to protect and jewels to remember through the lens of the sunset’s harmony. 

Cloaked in spun fibers and knots of eternity swaying in the breeze and warm like the history trapped in her hair; a memory grown free.

She trades in her demons for white hooked perfection and walks on still dreaming.  It’s good when you’re singing and the mystery is to keep believing.

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Alternative Treatments for Endometriosis

This is a brief explanation of the many thoughts and tools I found to be helpful in the treatment of the disease endometriosis. The following information is what I have found for my own specific conditions or root cause and was determined as methods of treatment that I felt were not only beneficial but affordable and easy for most people to gain access to. I was under supervision of a doctor who specializes in chronic female pelvic pain and while I have little medical evidence to validate my findings he could validate the science behind my reasoning and I felt that the reduction of associated symptoms to be strong enough to share. Millions of women suffer from the kind of pain that I have been in and for multiple reasons.

This is for Maya Angelou,

A Poem about the Pain

The pain to fit
the pain to fake
the pain and ache
oh what you make

my thought my own
and some unknown
some creeping and stabbing
my insides, the grabbing

fused like glass
a twist and a grasp
so much to give
all I want to do is live

hunger for survival
and the pain and the bible
my genes and lifestyle
each monthly cycle

dance to keep from crying
my soul says I ain’t dyin’
To live and be touched
and I always had so much

random or reason
what ya’ think it be is
smoke and confluence
holy hell and countenance

mind magic and Tedtalks
love lasting and long walks
late nights and mind gravity
someone say hold on to me

the pain the pain
each month it grows
it’s sorrow so many silently know
crushing our breathing
our souls left screaming
past lives and truth seeking
give us life then give us reason
hold us down for no more seasons
our sexuality is not a play thing
our role our life is ours for shaping
don’t just tie it to what you know
or life goes or the door

That said, here is what I learned about:

I know I have said it before but I will say it again. Emotion is a huge contributing factor when it comes to disease. Emotion is stored in the body fat.
Wrap your mind around this;
the difference between men’s and women’s emotional response is tied to and as dramatic as the difference in metabolism.

K, so with emotion = energy and each kinds of emotion has it’s own kinds of energy. Different emotions are stored in the body such as the the liver for anger… so on and so on. With endometriosis the emotional fire behind the disease has to do with what we do or don’t create with our creative energy.

I’ll explain, recently researchers at Yale did a study about something called cute aggression which is the physical response to the emotion associated with seeing something cute and feeling the urge to squeeze.

This finding is important because at the advice of my doctor and alternative healers I would not recover from the disease if I did not find the emotional root cause behind this illness. There are lots of books that talk about the emotional core of many diseases such as You can heal you Life by Lousise Hayes and Feelings Buried Alive Never Die by Karol K. Truman.

For identifying the root cause I used a tool called the bio-tenser.

It looks like this and apparently there is a book about it called Power vs. Force by Dr. David R. Hawkins which helps you to understand how to tell the hard facts from invented stories so you can break emotional loops.

I allowed my body to tell me what a week looked like and it gave me a month. Or, in other words, I learned that I function best on a weekly schedule and that to keep balance in my body I have weeks where I really excel at some things and not at others. There is a Ted talk about this in relation to a woman’s hormones throughout a cycle and how hormones affect metabolism and metabolism begat emotion. So, expect a post about that.

I also got a special deck of cards that help you to recognize the energy that feeds your spiritual, physical, and mental fire so that you can route that energy into special places in your life or other’s. All I can tell you right now is that they are likely what Desmond, my dice, would have to say to me if I took the time to translate, I’m talking next level shit. They are based on sacred geometry and resonate with the flow of love through the spirit to the body to the brain. With permission I will say more about them in a future post.

I also started making jewelry IMG_20131107_091213[1]
I started making it to protect and to heal my body while running around.

I also learned about pattern and how it energetically resonates energy into the things around it so I will be selling lots of items for you, your house, your food, and baby tuned to specific energies, some made and some found. The science behind it is quantum physics a.k.a. magic. Each item will be sold on ebay until I make enough moneys to get my own place on the internet. I’ll post when I got a good start so you can visit.

And, I started taking baths using all the things I know about science, magic, and spirituality to heal my body with chemistry from the outside. I believe that there are baths that can help with lots of issues and one of the key ingredients is a natural sea sponge.

This obsession started with me a while ago when I got a good deal on some sponges I realized the natural healing and physically therapeutic properties of they have. no surprise considering that I grew up next to Tarpon Springs, FL.

I’ll be selling sponges on ebay for anyone who is interested. The weight while full of water is important for physical therapy so I will be weighing select sponges and auction them off on ebay with a small selection of sponges at a flat rate. Each sponge comes with instructions. As I get more proficient with the bio-tenser I will start using it to include in a bath package oils, salts, and minerals that would be good for each individual who the bath is for.

And I am setting my creative spirit free into a lifestyle brand called gypsy guild inspired to keep the mystery and magic of life alive. This is a sneak peak at the photo-shoot I did with Teresa Flowers to capture the essence of the brand.

I will also blog about this later, don’t you worry none.

These are some of the tools that have come to me through my studies and that I know to be helpful for many health issues, I happened to use it for endometriosis. As time permits I will write more in detail about each of these facets.

Thanks again for your time.

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What’s Coming up? A teaser post for this Fall

Here’s a sneak peak into what I’m working on.

I am creating a random event generator that can be used to communicate with the God Molecule.  If nothing’s really random then let’s pull what’s relevant out of it.  So far I have created 2 random event generators and have discovered that there is a male and a female method of processing random events and this is determined in the actual mechanics of the storage and release of information.  I’m also working with a programmer to turn this into an app for people who want to try it at home and am going to sell a limited version of Desmond, the analog male random event generator, on ebay with instructions on how to use it and how to keep a record.
I am designing kinetic furniture (no, not what is pictures, although that could be cool too) that promotes the release of endorphins, aid in circulation, help tone muscle, build bone health, and expedite the elimination of waste stored in the body.  Very much in the initial prototyping stages of this and working with my physical therapist to develop the design.  The goal is to create furniture that is multi-functional, promote an active lifestyle, and sit there and look beautiful.
I am making a connection between falling in love and falling to pieces for all those who have stable chemistry single and get wacked out once they find a deep romantic connection.  I believe I understand what is going on and how to manage the process more gracefully.

A few interviews coming up: one on a dear friend Teresa Flowers who is a photographer.  I’ll use this post to make a connection between how people view and market themselves, and how it relates to happiness. 

I’ll also feature my friend, painter, farmer, inventor Alex Hardy who has an incredible eye for color and detail.  I’ll use his work to talk about color, balance, and brain chemistry and help people recognize how art affects their energy and mood.

And, I am most excited to start a store on ebay where I will be selling original works, quilts, artifacts, crystals, jewelry, and original furs just in time for the holidays.

Thanks again for all your love and support. I would not share information if you weren’t listening and I for sure wouldn’t make stuff to sell if you weren’t there to buy it. Find me on facebook (Jenny Kennedy) for more behind the scenes look at what is happening in my studio and let’s make more grey matter together. XOXO

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Venus Leaves Her Shell: OMG2WTF

As promised I’ll explain the surprise ending to my last post: a cluster cuss of billions of birds leaving the nest at the same time during scientifically proven global warming, economic crisis, and a possible peak in thousands of years of religious war and chaos. And, just incase you forgot, this is an analogy.

People live in different places physically, emotionally, and intellectually. Innocence of a child is what it feels like before you realize people feel disenfranchised by the indifferences of human nature.  I call this place of innocence the shell and it is safe from experiencing the chaos of birds (which represent people), global warming, and limitless religious war and total chaos.  As mentioned in previous posts (What tetris can teach you about emotion) I believe in  an emotional experience that I call the Fall, and I believe in another emotional experience called OMG2WTF.  The shell is where we are before the Fall.  The fall happens when you step out of the shell and OMG happens and is immediately followed by WTF. The experience as a whole is OMG2WTF.  Simple right?

Well, the fall is anything that has the capacity of OMG2WTF anticipation.  Major changes in life of a positive and negative experience instigate a fall from ignorance to knowledge….   to best illustrate how a fall can affect you physically I am going to use the experience of falling in love.  When you fall in love at first it’s awesome.  You are both stranded in a strange airport far from home getting paid that crazy day hundreds of flights are cancelled last April.  He’s sexy, smart, and intellectually exotic and you are feeling comfortable in your place in the world.  Both of you know your value, gifts, and how to validate each other with seduction.  Once you know there is some possible sexual interest (and I mean chemistry) you start to dig a little deeper and share moral and world views by asking if they want to grab a salad somewhere close enough that you can’t point to it.
Only about 5 minutes have gone by and you’re feeling good. You keep getting to know each other until before you know it you hop a train into downtown, he does something silly so you know you can trust him, and you walk together until you have blisters looking for the perfect place to eat your second meal together.  Chemically speaking the emotional baggage of fear is melting from your soul like an ice cube melting straight to vapor on a hot Texas tarmac.  You know you are going to connect.
Or in other words every time you allow your body to give and want in this way a chemical reaction takes place and before you know it you’re hot with hopefulness. You want each other and a chemical reaction like OMG2WTF global warming hits.

On a physical level I believe OMG2WTF is experienced in the body and the mind.  Sexuality like most things in life happen theoretically before they happen literally hopefully in the safety of one’s own mind. Once you take that theoretical experience from the mind and put it into practice it might differ from the way it was first synthesized internally.  For instance this might look like a young girl who has dreamed about her first kiss with roses in her eyes and for years only to receive an education that it’s not always butterflies and rainbows especially when your respective demographic is teen-aged boys.  I know, what a bummer.  But not entirely; I’ll touch on that in future posts about the evolution of the soul and love reshaping our bodies, but for now, there is an internal global warming that happens from the stress of change both good and bad and if you are lucky you can pace yourself.  

Once both feet have touched the ground of OMG2WTF you can’t go back.  This is what people mean when they say eyes wide open, knowledge of good or evil, having tasted the forbidden fruit, the point of no return, the song you can’t get out of your head, the joke that gets you every time… You have a new depth of understanding.  A new emotional resource means a shift in your physical and spiritual economics.  p>

Falling in love always instigates an emotional shift of some sort.  It isn’t always a national state of emergency but you might want to program FEMA into your phone just incase. Everyone is scared and some more than others. If you have a lot of emotional blocks or baggage when you get stranded you have to be prepared to keep your bags checked or leave them behind for the night.

The real brass tax on economic crisis happens when a perfect storm of emotionally demanding experiences exceed the bodies ability to process. I’d love to speculate that through learning and mastering our hearts, minds, and souls that we can have fewer failed relationships but the truth is I believe that relationships come and go and the success is measured in knowledge gained and not years together. The crisis is that we still subscribe to a mentality about love and humanity that suggests relationships have quantifiable benchmarks and approximations only. Meaningful experiences can happen between perfect strangers and shape one’s life. I’m speaking more to honest humanity.


And that’s where the religious war starts to rage. The scales of right and wrong have whipped through man’s written history since the word was spoken and the word was good. A good friend of mine once told me that you can debate anything into and out of existence. Turns out that’s true unless you are debating to say it is false. Anyway, it’s confusing and basically it is every souls responsibility to decide for themselves what is the right thing to do and some people try to buy time by telling other people what and how to do it. It’s a fluid reality of life and finding people you are comfortable debating with is essential to surviving this existential dilemma. The good news is that connecting with and keeping in touch with people has never been easier thanks to technology. The more we find other people that we relate to the happier we will become and according to a recent study the more people we have that are actual friends on facebook the more grey matter we have in our brains. Debate it if you want. I’ll just be over here organizing the chaos of all these strangers I cross paths with into possible real life friends and grey matter, I mean friends on facebook.

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Me in half shell


I have an autoimmune disease. I wish I could tell you which one(s) exactly but I have enough understanding to talk about it. I have over 18+ years trying to figure it out and I believe that my whole life (since June 22, 1982, I am in my early 20s for those of you who can’t do math) which has helped me gain experience to understand this situation. It’s not all bad. There was a long time I thought it was… but that has changed.

If you have or know someone who has had autoimmune disease you know that there are numerous kinds with impossible symptoms to track and often these issues are confused for emotional problems. I want to suggest that we stop separating emotional and physical. Anyone who has gone through the childhood experience of divorce knows what it feels like when mom and dad don’t talk. Separating our emotional hearts from our physical ones turns out to feel just as bad. Sure, I am glad that eastern and western medicine took some time to figure out their own shit and really get some isolated understanding of their function. Great! it’s time to get back together and try unify again. I think we can merge these two with more amazing results than mankind has ever experienced before. We have come so far individually, I am excited to see where we go together.

According to the assessments of my health I have low blood pressure, Hypoglycemia, chronic fatigue, Adrenal insufficiency or Addison’s Disease, undiagnosed endometriosis with a full assortment of cysts and lesions throughout my body, bowels and brain and some fused organs in my abdomen, a severely antroverted uterus and infertility sometimes, epstien bar, inability to handle stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, irregular heart beat, mono w/ relapse, irregular weight gain and loss, emotional problems especially when I get my period, unreal sensitivity, and skin eruptions that coincide with my menstrual cycle.

But, if you know me you would say I am bright, talented, loving, generous, beautiful, powerful, gifted, spiritual, in-tune, intellectual, funny, smart, cosmically connected, feminine, masculine, tough, weak, sad, happy, in love, gracious, methodical, sick, healthy, short, tall, in control, out of control, courageous, pro-active, and overall a good person.

If you were my lover you might say I am also deeply beautiful, excessively talented, unfathomably sad, loving without expectation, caring, overly affectionate, highly sexual, giving, patient, and sometimes impossible but over all a one of a kind amazing woman.

My parents, aside from agreeing to all the above listed positive attributes (while somehow magically staying blind to my sexuality) clearly do so because they have to as parents… they might also include that I am as fragile as I am ferocious. They see me as valuable to the world and anticipate my life experience with as much fear as they do awe because they know when something’s wrong and they are hopeless to fix it. On the flip side they also know when something is right and are my greatest advocates.

And if you ask me who I am to myself, I’d ask if you just skipped the first part because all of that is true and I would add that I am miss understood.

Like Venus I find that my place in this world is riddled with paradox. Yes, I know I am beautiful and I want to be appreciated for my female form and the fertility associated with breasts, long hair, and curves but I find my beauty being as much a prison as it is my liberty and ultimately I doubt I am going to pay any attention to anyone who comes to cover me up. I’ll get dressed when I am ready and I would like to be appreciated for my sexuality just not by everyone. For now I am alone and unclothed. I experience the elements of life unfiltered and directly in my body without shade, cover, or deep emotional/physical kinship. But I am hopeful and looking far into the distance with anticipation. I pay no attention to the couple who is tangled and partly clothed because I want it for myself and seeing them would only add to my emotional misery as a reminder of what is missing. However, I love flowers and I’m so grateful that the couple showers me and pesters me with their breath to remind me there’s more to life than being beautiful, having a private half shell and a pristine seaside.

It’s time for me to leave my shell and to be understood.

For me the shell represents false beliefs within myself and the community I exist.
Those beliefs are stored in my body as emotional blocks. Read my posts about tetris if you need an object lesson and I’ll meet you back here. Those beliefs take time to surface, some I dig up and some take specific experiences. I believe when I am in tune I can anticipate blocks that are surfacing and experiences that may help or challenge me.

In fact, I have gotten so good at doing this as an individual that I would attribute myself with trust. I now trust myself with my own life. Cool right?

Well, Botecelli didn’t paint what happens to Venus when she steps off the shell. Hold on to your hat because I am going to write about that next. I believe that it’s wildly crazy, the weather is unpredictable, and there’s other beaches and Venuses and sometimes it rains men. It’s a cluster cuss of others who stepped induced by insanity and who walked freely from their stage. Just imagine billions of birds leaving the nest at the same time during scientifically proven global warming, economic crisis, and a possible peak in thousands of years of religious war and you are there. I am talking about chaos. I’m going to write about that next.

And welcome to all the new followers. If I unwittingly lead us down a path to no where I promise to be pleasant about it most of the time. If I lead us to a place we have never been I think we should split up, evaluate our new resources, share what we learn, and do something completely new together. Thank you for being here with me.

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Good news for people who suck at tetris (and Dr. Mario)


Or, good news for people who feel emotionally and physically over-loaded.

For clarification we should first treat emotional experiences in context to human nature and cultural expectations. When someone over reacts to a flat tire we just assume something else must be going on in their personal life and leave it at that. When someone experiences a great loss we recognize holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and an occasional flat tire or seemingly unrelated experience evoke an emotional response inflicted at the moment of the loss. Some things help us to vent and some things take time to get over. You need wisdom to tell the difference.

My question is why do we keep trying to micro manage the emotional response to life? And For the love of God can we just scientifically prove that in general men and women and the AARP experience life at a different metabolic emotional-affecting-physical level? And can we taylor womens’, mens’, and the elderly’s health based on an emotional metabolism and hormonal makeup? I think one day we will and to illustrate the difference I am going to compare men and women as tetris to Dr. Mario and the elderly as a wildcard.

Simply put the process of emotional metabolism is experienced differently between men and women. Both have the same goal of eliminating blocks for the purpose of continued playing experience but the process differs slightly. In tetris there is no specific connection required for elimination; the process occurs when there is no horizontal void in a stack of blocks and they magically disappear. For women who are wired like Dr. Mario there are viruses strategically placed through out the screen and those viruses are eliminated through a process of matching colors to the tune of four in a row matching color with the added bonus of multiple elimination strategies. It’s subtle difference but if you are a woman trying to get a diagnosis for something that is serious you might find the process to be as fundamentally flawed and frustrating as being left handed in a right handed world; you can get around but you are more likely to die younger or and you will get hurt.

If only scientists and doctors spent more time playing video games… for the elderly (wild card) they have a special place because with life experience comes wisdom and with wisdom comes more emotional control and with age comes a loss of hormones and hormonal therapy. Ideally demographics would be set according to genetic markers, age or metabolic age, hormone levels, and personal history.

I realize that ordering a facelift on medical research is going to take weeks, maybe even months to approve and in a very real way I don’t have months to ignore the pressing medical/emotional issues I face right now without a more customized approach so my call to action is grass roots. As patients we need have confidence to ask for customized healthcare. I’m not just talking about raising funds to study heart disease in women (which we should do) but I am talking about we must recognize that whatever medical problems that affect us all are experienced differently in a body that has a menstrual cycle and a body that that has nuts. If you think that your wellness plan could be tailored to your chemistry you are probably right. Ask your doctor if they want to play video games and take it from there.

So, the good news that needs no medical data: I believe that as individuals if we could take time to listen to what our bodies crave, how our emotions reveal themselves, and what health issues are pressing and ask our doctors to take our age, gender, and our present emotional state into account that our medical successes will be shared and a change will happen. I called facebook and they said that your friends and family are ready to share and like any articles that help us to be happy and healthier so let’s do it. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need or to recognize that what you have isn’t working.

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what you can learn about emotion by playing tetris

Imagine if you will that your emotions move through your body every day like tetris blocks. The parameters of the game are quite simple: you have limited space and according to time and level played new blocks enter into the space at random at a speed that coincides with the difficulty of any given level.

Tetris represents everyday life inevitability experienced through change. The player is your body. the computer that picks the blocks at random is God, Fate, Ja, whatever.

You don’t have to eliminate all the blocks to bump up levels you just have to endure the time/intensity factor long enough to level up. That’s good news for people who can’t be bothered with perfection. You can win and move up according to your own ability to process, strategize, and eliminate the placement of emotional blocks. Sometimes you get the perfect pieces to eliminate a lot at once and sometimes you barely get what you need to keep things from over flowing. It is a lottery but one that offers sometimes hours of enjoyment and pangs of block anticipation.
Sometimes things happen early on in the game and blocks pile up closing the gap. Let’s say this would be an emotional equivalent of enduring abuse or a major injury as a child. Statistically speaking that should be a little over half the population for abuse alone. Feeling like you have control of your emotions isn’t going to come easy and it might take several years of dysfunctional and functional life before you can process things back to the bottom. The good news is that if you know the satisfaction of playing a game of gut wrenching tetris by the skin of your teeth and having things wildly out of control most of the time… you know the almost instant relief of clearing blocks that have held you back as you worked your way up, especially when relief hits as you arrive at an advanced level. Emotions can disappear from our system
Now, happiness comes in measureable and metaphorical ways. There is happiness in having a lot of room to move around your emotional blocks and a sense of natural pride that comes with consistency of elimination. You can measure this as stats. In life stats we would say David has had 3 major physical/emotional traumas in his adult life and still working on the last one and intermittent periods between blocks where there was no major build up and release. Can the statistical facts of this inform me of David’s level of happiness or can it inform me of his perspective on playing the game? No, but it does speak to persistence and desire to maintain what is measureable. The metaphorical way of measuring the performance is by sportsmanship. Did David freak out the whole time he was playing or were there highs and lows and above all did David have the heart to stay focused on what needed to be done to keep playing and exibit a tremendous amount of heart throughout his emotional tetris adversity? I’m not sure, I’ve never played with David.
What I can speak to is that bottom line: blocks are blocks. They can be fixed and if your strategic, lucky, and stay focused on what kind of space you need to feel good about entering another level you will feel a sense of accomplishment. If you hang in there think of how great your joy will be when those blocks you lined up hoping for just one line and then lined up another tall stack and start praying for a miracle of two lines to drop down from tetris heaven… and they appear and at first you can’t believe it… your score just doubled… You can see it is real.
But that is the thing, you have to keep hoping for the pieces you need. In fact chemical happiness isn’t actually based on how the game ends or how far you make it, it is based on how happy you were to play in the first place and how much hope you had in your heart to beat everybody else’s high score and or needed that to be happy. That is metaphorical happiness because it is dependent on the process and not the final result as where the process is conditional on involvement (something that is normally controllable and limitlessly varied). These are the people who say things like it is better to have loved and lost than to have not loved at all and mean it. Victory is theirs if they make it through the first round or beat some national tetris showdown because metaphors can be tricky and you can’t pin these people down for long. They are optimists: fool me once shame on you.
If you aren’t an optimist no big deal. You can start small and work your way up to it. You just have to tell your brain it is going to be what it is, remind yourself you put the pieces in the best possible spot even when you clearly tweaked out a few times or simply didn’t get what you needed, focus on what you need to change your situation strategically, and imagine each next piece to drop as being what you need. This means that when you get the sixth cube in a row and there’s no where to go but up you tell yourself is about to get interesting and hang in.

Emotions are real. Tetris is fun when you play to beat your high score and play because it is a game that requires a healthy balance between skill, chance, and strategy. It is a safe environment to experience Joy, fear, success, and relief. You might be asking yourself why I didn’t use candy crush saga to illustrate my point. I’m saving that for a future post. I believe we are wired to function like teris but as our minds evolve to handle more and more stimulation with the surplus of technology. I will use candy crush to illustrate that point. For now we are in a renaissance of our bodies, our hearts, and the struggle to maintain a comfort level of functionality (human condition and health care). We are most literally having to rewire our bodies to keep up with this wave of mutation. I believe we can do it and this is the first time in human history we can. It’s going to take a few more blog posts to tell you how so stick around.

“Who’s with me?” – Jerry McGuire

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Big Year

Big Year

Timing a photo with sweets

Sometimes you catch a shot of something in progress.
Sometimes progress is all there is
a candid moment in a person’s life
a planned celebration or milestone matched
waiting until you’re ready and ready to wait as long as it takes.

Some of the most fascinating things I am learning about life are sweeter and more illusive to comprehend than I had imagined or expected to come from human experience. It is more vibrant and loving place to be alive than I had thought and definitely time and technology have made it easier to learn, grow, share, and change.

I am learning a few things about my health am excited to introduce some abstract health perception up for debate. I’m going to change the structure of how I manage the process of healing and I am going approach it from the perspective of being a woman, spiritual and emotional blocks gained by literal experience, emotional or inherited experience, and past life experience, as well as making a link between education as power to direct light within oneself and others, and share what I have learned about perception on food, sex, faith, substance, and culture. It’s going to be awesome and the best part is that this is the perfect time to catch up with documenting what I have learned as I am on FMLA for medical reasons.

For the purpose of growing in our understanding of health and appreciating the difference between men and women on a macro scale I am going to be open about my experience in hopes that someone might learn something and have the faith it takes to heal from what I am going to refer to as the “fall” and faith to heal from their own ignorance. The solution is simple and requires only one action: Love. …ok, so love is easy to say, …sure, metaphorically and literally speaking it is hard to define. I’ve got some ideas on this too. My goal is supply an alternative in diagnostic methods of health, happiness, and individual worth, encourage you to try them, and hope that we can heal as individuals, families, communities, and understand our role in our own health.

I don’t want to blow this out of proportion but what I want to share with you will do for health what breaking the 4 minute mile did for running…. I hope 🙂
it’s just going to take several posts, maybe some educational stop action videos, music, art, exercise, eating, fasting, sleeping, and laughing….
and maybe even controlled experiments in some under appreciated healing emotions like rage, hate, anger, and frustration. And hopefully my doctor will help me to determine non invasive measurable diagnostic methods in health that we can use to empower our souls for happiness.

It’s going to be fun and I hope that you will share with me when something resonates. If we want better health care we need to be better patients and that means that we need to understand the complex and delicate relationship between our bodies and our minds so we can work with our doctors to get balance.

Join me for multiple posts each week starting immediately.
See you in the comments

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New livingroom

New livingroom

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