Doing it for Free

Doing it yourself is pretty awesome.  Doing it for free is even better.  So we know that you can find landscaping rocks for free, last friday I found free compost, yesterday I found free wood for raised garden beds, and this saturday I am picking up free top soil and if that wasn’t awesome enough, someone is going to load the soil for me.  Needless to say, I feel that I am pacing my work load as things come up.  It’s a perfect system when you have the patience for it and you believe that what you want is waiting for you to find it. 

The wood for these beds measures about 4×8′ and is about 30% of the wood that I scored yesterday from a nice lady down the street.   I had to walk about 90′ from the pile of wood to my truck but a little work is worth it when it means getting more done than your budget allows. 

If I was doing a vegetable garden in this bed I could probably leave the grass for a season but I want to plant my blueberries in it so I will need to remove the sod.

 I didn’t have any marking spray paint and I didn’t want to spend more money so I sifted flour on the ground to mark the dig.  Using flour worked but you have to work fast, the lines tend to blow away in about an hour.

I had some compost lying around from the last load so I added that, about 2Lbs. of coffee grounds, and one bag or leaves to the soil.  Blueberries taste just awful if the soil isn’t acidic enough; the coffee should help for now and as the leaves break down they will release tannic acid.  Hopefully this is the start that my berries need.  I should also mention that lots of coffee houses will give away their used grinds if you ask.  There’s a Starbucks by my work that hooks me up.

Hopefully by Saturday I can plant everything in the ground. I have about 10 bushes that really want to settle down.  Wish me luck! 

Also, if you read my last post here is a clue on what I would like to do with those spool tops

think big.


About Pepper

Being someone who is actively searching for ways to make what I have better I thought it would be useful to share my talents and discoveries with anyone who is interested. So much of what I do is made from things that are easy to access and are perfect projects to spice up a weekend. In the words of Bernice Fitz-Gibbens "Creativity often consists of merely turning up what is already there." I hope that you will join me each weekend for a little inspiration and fun.
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2 Responses to Doing it for Free

  1. Thanks for posting the article, was certainly a great read!

  2. Rob says:

    I can’t wait to have a yard of my own someday. You are working so hard on yours. It’s fun to watch it all come together. Can’t wait to see the final snap shot….. or is yard work ever really finsished?

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