Puppy Love

The love of a new puppy is a special thing.  Until a couple of weeks ago my only exposure was through oldies songs and references made of high school romance.

Now I know it means I’ll go where ever you go and do what ever you want me to.

And I will sleep where you sleep.

And I will defend you until I learn that it is fun.

And I will take away the legs of my enemies!

And I will trash and stomp

until I have exhausted the threats that tower over us.

And once the treats are lured in I will kill them with kindness.

And I will always be this way, or at least for the first week.


About Pepper

Being someone who is actively searching for ways to make what I have better I thought it would be useful to share my talents and discoveries with anyone who is interested. So much of what I do is made from things that are easy to access and are perfect projects to spice up a weekend. In the words of Bernice Fitz-Gibbens "Creativity often consists of merely turning up what is already there." I hope that you will join me each weekend for a little inspiration and fun.
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One Response to Puppy Love

  1. leana says:

    He is so CUTE!!!!!

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