Having Feng… and other ideas in Feng Shui

As promised from my previous post I am sharing some info on Feng Shui and how to make it happen for yourself, as well as a link to someone who knows more about it than me.  So here it is: Feng Shui literally translates to Wind and Water and has been practiced for thousands of years mostly in the East.  I am focusing on the traditional Chinese Compass school of Feng Shui.  The basic principle of its practice is to master the energy in your space by breaking it down into 8 trigrams that represent different energies and qualities of life.

The above image is called a pa kua and used to make important decisions when adjusting the energy in your home.  Unlike Western orientation, the top of this image is to be applied facing South.  You can use the pa kua as a reference for the whole house, or for an individual room.  I started with the Master Bedroom.

My bedroom is located on the Southeast corner of the house and I have customized the Feng Shui principles to work best with my space.

The first step in adding this practice to your home is to start with one room, not the whole house.  Pick something manageable; hence why I didn’t start with the kitchen.

Secondly, throw out anything that is beyond repair, not used, or cluttering your space. Will you regret hoarding it more than you will letting go?  Donate stuff that still has life left.

Thirdly, establish adequate storage for your things keeping in line with the principles of chi (energy flow).  You don’t want to block a door, hide a bunch of junk under your bed, or shove a bunch of stuff in a drawer.  It needs to be truly organized!

The Pu Kua

East: Family and Health

Colors: green, brown

Strong Wood

Name: Chen

Pictures of Plants with round leaves and soft features help promote the energy in this part of the house.  Peaches represent immortality.

 Arrange beds so that the head of the bed is on the east wall to promote health and family ties. 

 Make sure that the center of you family room and your home is uncluttered.

Having a water feature ( fish tank or water fall) on the east part of your house, or along the eastern wall of your family room boosts the productive cycle.

In the garden place a pair of Cranes, they symbolize long life.

Don’t have anything that has sharp angles because this will disrupt the flow of energy.  The bedroom has a slightly different strategy because of the function. Avoid using lamps with a metal base in the bedroom unless there is a lot of wood to counter the effects avoid life plants and water features too.

Southeast: Wealth And Prosperity

color: green

Small Wood

Name: Sun

Keep this area bright with lots of light, or a lamp. 

Add mirrors to symbolically double what you have.

Water features help the flow of energy from this trigram to the next.

Adding a houseplant with soft rounded leaves helps symbolize wealth and prosperity.

South: Recognition and Fame

Color: Red


Name: Li

Fame doesn’t mean that you are aiming to achieve rock star status but rather that you want to be recognized for your talents in this life. 

Add elements of red to this part of your home and your garden.  Images of red birds such as this rooster boost this area.

If  you can, add a fire element or lot of candles to this area of the house.

wooden elements in this part of the room are a good alternative to fire. 

Images of sunsets are also good here because they symbolize new beginnings.

Don’t put a swimming pool on this side of the house and do not use the color blue in this part of the house.

Southwest: Marriage and Happiness

color: Yellow

Strong Earth

Name: K’un

Energize this part of your home with bright red flowers. 

Use crystals to attract the yang energy to this part of the home.

Bring more light into this part of your house with lamps.

And, if you were gonna put cute pictures and sayings up that focus on love, this is where you would do it.

West: Children

Color: Metallic and White

Small Metal

Name: Tui

This is a great place to keep anything that is metal in the room, especially little trinkets.

Also a great place for ceramics, glass, and crystals that symbolize earth.

Use white or metallic textiles on the west wall in the family room.

Place Quarts or Amethyst crystals in children’s rooms to help them focus on their studies.

Northeast: Mentors and Networking

Colors: Metallic and White

Strong Metal

Name: Ch’ien

Mentor Luck is placed above all other  fortune in Feng Shui.

This is the best place to put the TV and all other fancy Technology.

Earthy objects should be placed here like ceramics, glass, metal, stone, and crystal.

Religious  Symbols and People of great respect here.

Do not use colors like green and red here.

North:Career Prospects

Color: Blue and Black


Name: K’an

If you can set up your home office or home studio on the north side of the house and set up your desk facing the door and preferable not in front of a window.

Use a water feature in this room such as an aquarium or fish tank.

Metal is also good in this area.

Northeast:Education and Knowledge

Color: Beige

Small Earth

Name: Ken

Round ceramic and glass objects work well here, especially for lighting.

Pops of red help energize the earth element

Put your desk in the northeast corner of a room.

No plants or metal ornaments in this room.

Well, I hope that brief introduction helps.  If you want to know more about Feng Shui I recommend checking this out.  I don’t plan to live all these rules religiously but I do plan on seeing how making some small changes change the energy in my home.  I will keep posting as I make changes and see progress.


About Pepper

Being someone who is actively searching for ways to make what I have better I thought it would be useful to share my talents and discoveries with anyone who is interested. So much of what I do is made from things that are easy to access and are perfect projects to spice up a weekend. In the words of Bernice Fitz-Gibbens "Creativity often consists of merely turning up what is already there." I hope that you will join me each weekend for a little inspiration and fun.
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