Bedroom Feng Shui and Home Grown Crystals

Three weeks of decision making, a new headboard, one twisted ankle, and a whole lot of Feng later I am so pleased with the transformation that is being made.  The energy en la cama (bedroom) is so good I can’t believe it’s the same room.



I love how easy it has been to make the minor updates!  Here’s a look at what’s new and a few ideas I have to keep the chi flowing.

This silk screen was hand painted and hangs in the education corner.  While it’s not recommended to have a water feature in the bedroom the element of water is good for education so I am counting on the color blue to do the trick.


This silk screen is on the corner to help put you in the 1%; the financial trigram.  It really has nothing to do with the traditional Feng Shui ideals so I should probably consider replacing it with either something useful. Right now it is just adding balance to the room but hasn’t done anything to balance my check book.

This painting I did in college.  It was one of my favorites and I am glad I held onto it.  It hangs in the cash money corner of the room and I hope the round eucalyptus leaves help bring some bling my way.

I painted this lovely couple to hang in my romantic corner.  It is said that when you are dating you should keep your eyes wide open and when you are married keep them half shut; this paintig helps me follow that wise advice.

I also pulled this patio chair inside for the winter. It a nice combo of Ying and Yang energies with the hard wood and the soft woven.  The mohair serape is a happy find and  adds to the fire in the corner.  I didn’t think that we had room for a chair in here, but after getting a bigger bed and moving some things around it was easy to add one more piece of furniture to the room.  They all just needed to be in the right place and serve a purpose. 

Speaking of purpose,

 crystals come up a lot in Feng Shui and are good when placed in the Southwest, West, and Northeast parts of your house and in those areas of specific rooms.  You can use man-made crystals or natural ones.  My feeling is that natural is probably better and man-made sounds terrific only if you make yourself.

One super easy man-made crystal is salt. 

Salt crystals can be made by dissolving a bunch of salt in hot water and letting the water evaporate leaving larger crystals.

You need to tie a string to a pencil or something and suspend the end of that string in the salt water to start a seed crystal and everything will form off that initial starting point.

Salt also has some wonderful benefits that should be explored.

Salt gives off negative ions which have been known to help the body heal, help with mental clarity, and help improve the quality of air.

The bricks in this room are carved from salt and have a healing effect.  People who suffer from asthma find comfort in a room like this.

This is a brick carved from Himalayan salt and was used to make the walls in the room pictured above.  I spent some time in a salt room in a resort in Vegas and it was lovely. In many practices of energy healing salt is used to purify and to absorb/neutralize bad energy.

When you buy crystals you should surround them with salt to “clean” them.

In Feng Shui you can salt a room by sprinkling a line of Salt around the perimeter and after a week you can vacuum it up and all the stagnant energy will be gone. Don’t do this until you have organized and gotten rid of clutter.

I intend to grow my own salt crystals  as a symbolic metamorphosis of the energy in each intended area and plan to experiment with salt as a sculptural material.  I’ll be sure to add my progress as it comes up!


About Pepper

Being someone who is actively searching for ways to make what I have better I thought it would be useful to share my talents and discoveries with anyone who is interested. So much of what I do is made from things that are easy to access and are perfect projects to spice up a weekend. In the words of Bernice Fitz-Gibbens "Creativity often consists of merely turning up what is already there." I hope that you will join me each weekend for a little inspiration and fun.
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1 Response to Bedroom Feng Shui and Home Grown Crystals

  1. I wasn’t aware of some of the benefits you pointed out with salts. Good to know.

    I make “Healing Bath, Feet & Shower salts, which draw toxins from the cells, help relax tired muscles, helps with swelling, among other things. One of the salts I use are the Himalayan salts, the purest on the earth. I love the pink color.

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