Charity Sunshine Tilleman-Dick

I want to share a story about a wonderful friend of mine and  one of the most inspirational people I have ever met.  Charity is one of the kind of person that when you meet them you are inspired to live your dreams and dream bigger.  She is powerful not just because of her amazing talent or because of the dreams that she has realized but because she is fearless, no matter the trials she has faced.

Charity Sunshine Tillemann Dick is an American-born soprano. She has performed across the United States, Europe, and Asia. Some venues include The Kennedy Center in Washington, DC; Severance Hall in Cleveland, Ohio; Il Giardino Di Boboli in Florence, Italy; The National Symphony Hall in Budapest, Hungary; The Tel Aviv Opera House in Israel; and the American Embassy in Beijing, China.

After receiving a diagnosis of idiopathic Pulmonary Hypertension in 2004, Charity served as the national spokesperson for the Pulmonary Hypertension Association. In December 2005, her testimony about Pulmonary Hypertension for the Committee on Energy and Commerce was entered into the permanent record.

In September 2009, Charity received a double lung transplant at the Cleveland Clinic. Just eight months later, she performed before the doctors, nurses, and support staff at the Clinic and was also the opening speaker at TEDMED 2010 in San Diego, CA.

Here is her story.  Unfortunately her body is rejecting the lung transplant and she is back in the hospital awaiting another set of lungs.  Normally I wouldn’t ask for people to pray but I am scared; the current situation is grim.  She has already inspired thousands and I know that she could do so much more if her story included her survival.  I believe in the power of prayer and know that it works no matter what religion or lack of religion people believe.  When you send  warm wishes to someone it works and I am asking that you might take sometime to send some her way. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for lifting up my friend.

To get updates on her progress and to send your warm wishes please visit a blog  fivesisters that she writes with her sisters.  I will be sure to add more info as it comes and hope that her amazing story doesn’t end here but continues with a miracle recovery and a long life of dreams realized.


About Pepper

Being someone who is actively searching for ways to make what I have better I thought it would be useful to share my talents and discoveries with anyone who is interested. So much of what I do is made from things that are easy to access and are perfect projects to spice up a weekend. In the words of Bernice Fitz-Gibbens "Creativity often consists of merely turning up what is already there." I hope that you will join me each weekend for a little inspiration and fun.
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