Alternative Treatments for Endometriosis

This is a brief explanation of the many thoughts and tools I found to be helpful in the treatment of the disease endometriosis. The following information is what I have found for my own specific conditions or root cause and was determined as methods of treatment that I felt were not only beneficial but affordable and easy for most people to gain access to. I was under supervision of a doctor who specializes in chronic female pelvic pain and while I have little medical evidence to validate my findings he could validate the science behind my reasoning and I felt that the reduction of associated symptoms to be strong enough to share. Millions of women suffer from the kind of pain that I have been in and for multiple reasons.

This is for Maya Angelou,

A Poem about the Pain

The pain to fit
the pain to fake
the pain and ache
oh what you make

my thought my own
and some unknown
some creeping and stabbing
my insides, the grabbing

fused like glass
a twist and a grasp
so much to give
all I want to do is live

hunger for survival
and the pain and the bible
my genes and lifestyle
each monthly cycle

dance to keep from crying
my soul says I ain’t dyin’
To live and be touched
and I always had so much

random or reason
what ya’ think it be is
smoke and confluence
holy hell and countenance

mind magic and Tedtalks
love lasting and long walks
late nights and mind gravity
someone say hold on to me

the pain the pain
each month it grows
it’s sorrow so many silently know
crushing our breathing
our souls left screaming
past lives and truth seeking
give us life then give us reason
hold us down for no more seasons
our sexuality is not a play thing
our role our life is ours for shaping
don’t just tie it to what you know
or life goes or the door

That said, here is what I learned about:

I know I have said it before but I will say it again. Emotion is a huge contributing factor when it comes to disease. Emotion is stored in the body fat.
Wrap your mind around this;
the difference between men’s and women’s emotional response is tied to and as dramatic as the difference in metabolism.

K, so with emotion = energy and each kinds of emotion has it’s own kinds of energy. Different emotions are stored in the body such as the the liver for anger… so on and so on. With endometriosis the emotional fire behind the disease has to do with what we do or don’t create with our creative energy.

I’ll explain, recently researchers at Yale did a study about something called cute aggression which is the physical response to the emotion associated with seeing something cute and feeling the urge to squeeze.

This finding is important because at the advice of my doctor and alternative healers I would not recover from the disease if I did not find the emotional root cause behind this illness. There are lots of books that talk about the emotional core of many diseases such as You can heal you Life by Lousise Hayes and Feelings Buried Alive Never Die by Karol K. Truman.

For identifying the root cause I used a tool called the bio-tenser.

It looks like this and apparently there is a book about it called Power vs. Force by Dr. David R. Hawkins which helps you to understand how to tell the hard facts from invented stories so you can break emotional loops.

I allowed my body to tell me what a week looked like and it gave me a month. Or, in other words, I learned that I function best on a weekly schedule and that to keep balance in my body I have weeks where I really excel at some things and not at others. There is a Ted talk about this in relation to a woman’s hormones throughout a cycle and how hormones affect metabolism and metabolism begat emotion. So, expect a post about that.

I also got a special deck of cards that help you to recognize the energy that feeds your spiritual, physical, and mental fire so that you can route that energy into special places in your life or other’s. All I can tell you right now is that they are likely what Desmond, my dice, would have to say to me if I took the time to translate, I’m talking next level shit. They are based on sacred geometry and resonate with the flow of love through the spirit to the body to the brain. With permission I will say more about them in a future post.

I also started making jewelry IMG_20131107_091213[1]
I started making it to protect and to heal my body while running around.

I also learned about pattern and how it energetically resonates energy into the things around it so I will be selling lots of items for you, your house, your food, and baby tuned to specific energies, some made and some found. The science behind it is quantum physics a.k.a. magic. Each item will be sold on ebay until I make enough moneys to get my own place on the internet. I’ll post when I got a good start so you can visit.

And, I started taking baths using all the things I know about science, magic, and spirituality to heal my body with chemistry from the outside. I believe that there are baths that can help with lots of issues and one of the key ingredients is a natural sea sponge.

This obsession started with me a while ago when I got a good deal on some sponges I realized the natural healing and physically therapeutic properties of they have. no surprise considering that I grew up next to Tarpon Springs, FL.

I’ll be selling sponges on ebay for anyone who is interested. The weight while full of water is important for physical therapy so I will be weighing select sponges and auction them off on ebay with a small selection of sponges at a flat rate. Each sponge comes with instructions. As I get more proficient with the bio-tenser I will start using it to include in a bath package oils, salts, and minerals that would be good for each individual who the bath is for.

And I am setting my creative spirit free into a lifestyle brand called gypsy guild inspired to keep the mystery and magic of life alive. This is a sneak peak at the photo-shoot I did with Teresa Flowers to capture the essence of the brand.

I will also blog about this later, don’t you worry none.

These are some of the tools that have come to me through my studies and that I know to be helpful for many health issues, I happened to use it for endometriosis. As time permits I will write more in detail about each of these facets.

Thanks again for your time.


About Pepper

Being someone who is actively searching for ways to make what I have better I thought it would be useful to share my talents and discoveries with anyone who is interested. So much of what I do is made from things that are easy to access and are perfect projects to spice up a weekend. In the words of Bernice Fitz-Gibbens "Creativity often consists of merely turning up what is already there." I hope that you will join me each weekend for a little inspiration and fun.
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